Monday, 26 March 2018

Are you losing revenue due to bad data…are you the only one?

As per Experian research, average company loses 12% of revenue due to bad data. Are you the only one? The answer is ‘No’. It is most of the organizations that are losing revenue due to bad data. 

Companies are spending their lot of time and energy in running their marketing campaigns on the bad sets and thus losing on the revenue. Even the most effective campaigns become a failure even after doing the right targeting; they fail because they do not have the right contacts details of the people and thus reducing the successful campaigns to a merely failed campaign.

BinaryClues not only helps you focus on building your pipeline but also provide you best of the Fortune 1000 companies -US B2B database to target your customers effectively and efficiently. The database is varied and covers all the industries like
  • IT and Telecom,
  • Retail and Consumer Product goods,
  • Financial services, Insurance & banking, etc.
  • And covers departments like Marketing, finance, IT, operations, sales and much more
BinaryClues helps you in the following ways and some of them are as follows:
  • Right profiling of your customers,
  • We help you send the email with the email marketing services
  • Cleansing of your target list and any list which you want us to clean
  • Educate you on how large your resulting list would be to drive value for your marketing & sales
  • Helps you build your own customized list
And many more services to offer to our customers and for a laundry list of services feel free to get in touch with our team at for any of your B2B database inquiry or purchase.

Do you have the same pain point in your business as others do?

As per one of the reports from Gartner, sales person spend less than 35% time on selling. Are you also one of those sellers part of such community.

The reason why sellers spend so less time on selling is because they spend most of their time on research to find the right contact details for their prospect customers, in doing so they end up finding suspect customers details.

BinaryClues helps you find the right data and contact details for your customers, thus helping you save time and gives you ample amount of time to focus on your prospect customers. These days most of the rganizations are facing this issue of finding the good contacts of their Tele calling teams.

2/3rd time of sellers is wasted because of the bad contacts, companies are aggressively changing their strategy in finding the right contact details by acquiring vendors like hoovers,, for their B2B data needs.

The B2B data provided by these companies is authentic and accurate and helps you save cost on your operation by making your associate busy Tele calling the right prospect and emailing the customers with right messaging and giving you the best of ROI on your purchase of contact list from these companies.

BinaryClues in-house team focuses on data checks every month and not every quarter thus giving you a better reason to sleep with ease instead of getting worried about the low delivery rate of your campaign. We take pride in giving the best of the contact details to your esteemed customers and helping them generate the right leads for their businesses.

Now you focus on prospecting instead of suspecting with help of BinaryClues database services offers for you.

For more information on buying the database in bulk, please contact our team at for a better and cost effective pricing for your Inside sales and marketing campaigns planned for your business units in your organization/companies.

You focus on building your business. We focus on your lead Generation

Binary Clues's insight: Most of the organizations these days are spending a lot of their time in finding the right contacts and emails for their lead generation departments but they do not realize that how much time they waste in finding those contact details.

BinaryClues for a quite long time have been helping organizations like start-ups and mid-size organizations in finding the right coordinates for these organizations and helping them focus on their businesses and thus helping them generate easy and fast leads.

Companies have realized the importance of the new contacts for their Inside sales departments because every time a new contact goes bounce it becomes a demotivation for the employee and the company. Thus making them spend time in finding the right contact details on their own and spending a lot of time on in doing research on google but with dismay, the new contacts still found to be inaccurate.

BinaryClues helps you get the best of the B2B contacts for your businesses and helps you save time in doing the data profiling on your behalf and adding value to your business. BinaryClues in-house technologies of data sanity check help you get the best of the contact.

They have been doing this jobs constantly for many months for their happy customers and the customers are not only happy but finding value in the services provided by BinaryClues. Their services help you save time and gives you ample amount of time to do the strategic work for your business instead of focusing on doing the operational job of finding the right and correct contacts details for generating the leads.

The database comprises of the decision makers list and influencers list which help you focus on building the pipeline and brand for your business and giving you a legitimate time to focus towards your business.

If you want to focus on your business and would like to explore the services of BinaryClues, please get in touch at